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Iliad, VI 208

THEMELI S.A. holds a high-class contractor qualification certificate and boasts a dynamic presence among technical construction companies in Greece.

The company operates as a Societe Anonyme for over 25 years and carries on the tradition started in 1971 by Chartered Civil Engineer Mr. Dimitrios Dinopoulos, when he established his Construction Company.

THEMELI S.A. undertakes and executes public works driven by the company's commitment to timely delivery of complete projects according to defined quality specifications. The company’s infrastructure is of the highest standards. The company has adopted a modern management structure and employs professional staff with exceptional expertise and commitment. Sinc 2003, THEMELI holds an ISO 9001 certificate.

THEMELI S.A. executes high-budget infrastructure public works requiring high technical know-how, such as motorways, tunnels, railways, drainage systems, large buildings etc. This rich project portfolio has established the company as one the most credible and dependable construction companies in Greece.

In 2004, the company was awarded construction projects in Romania with positive results and growth prospects.